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Herbal Incense Wholesaler is where to get bulk or wholesale herbal incense.

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  • Our products are all-natural; not chemically-treated, NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS, used in products sold on this website.
  • Top quality wholesale herbal incense at low prices from the best US manufacturers! We only buy authentic, no knock-offs.
  • Lab-certified legal wholesale herbal incense!
  • Questions? Call us at 866-866-8005
  • STRICTLY BUSINESS TO BUSINESS SALES, If you are not a retailer or wholesaler  please DO NOT create an account or contact us.
  • How Discounts Work : Quantity, Repeat Ordering and Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Prices won't show until a verifiable sales tax certificate or business license or your state's equivalent is received via fax or email. A Federal Tax ID number will not work for our purposes; they are obtainable by almost anyone. Submissions of Federal Tax IDs by either fax, email, or other means will not receive a response.
  • Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces :) Click for details. 
  •  1st order should be payed by debt card or credit card, and afterwards, all payments are secured COD.
  • In order to place an order you must create an account, by hovering on "My Account" drop down menu, then select create an account. Account approval process will take 24-48 hours.

Sign up today for an account, ( Prices won't show until a sales tax certificate or business license or equivalent is received via fax or email. Please include your name and contact info with your fax.

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State Herbal Incense or Synthetic Cannabinoid Ban?
We more than likely have compliant products for your state. Just check your state's category in the state-by-state legal category and see what's available. :)

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